The Stucco Studio offers

Production of stucco decoration elements for indoor and outdoor ornamentation, pre-designed from catalogue or customer-designed.

Design of stucco decoration, realisation with consequent paint-in or paper-hanging.

Transport of fragile stucco elements.

Sale of stucco products and stuccoing tools.

Production of light facade decoration, to use with warming insulation systems (Terranova, Loba).

Restoration of contemporary and historic artefacts - according to agreement.


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Address:ADI, s.r.o.
Haburská 20
821 01 Bratislava
Slovak republic
Mobile:+421 905 612 919

The art of stucco reached its top in 17th and 18th century.

The old masters' technical artifice may be admired in a number of both sacral and secular monuments of those times.

The steep rise of burghership in the following period caused stucco to spread wide, although in a more decent, modest form. Nevertheless, stucco has remained a privilege of the rich.

In our times, anyone with a sophisticated contemporary taste may afford and enjoy stucco decoration.

Building on artisanal tradition, our company strives to revive the reputation of craftsmen that built the downtowns of Vienna, Budapest or Bratislava.